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In these one off or ongoing, 1:1 sessions, with Rhonda or Michéal,  you will be able to deepen into your natural self journey and practices. Our aim is to listen, track and guide what is emerging for you in your journey of self discovery. Where possible we will meet in the natural world and work with nature based practices and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, rooted in deep self discovery and awareness. £45 per hour 


      Some areas that you may want to tend to include:

​Your healing journey        Cultivating wholeness in a fragmented world                Resourcing and support

Self discovery and development          Crisis and growth              New pathways & passions 


Manifesting deepest purpose         self-transformation                Soulful living and initiation        Spiritual growth                 




14th June

1st December

These days, in natural spaces, are an opportunity to drop in and find some space and time to deepen into your self, a community of like minded people and the land around you.  You will experience some of the practices set out in the book Natural Self and be able to take away a practice closer to home that you can integrate into your life. £60


Belonging weekend: 4th-6th October 2019

N Somerset Near Bristol


Based on Rhonda and Michéal’s book The Natural Self: The 3-day immersion is an experiential exploration of our self as the wild, wondrous, expansive human beings that we are. Our Natural Self possess huge resources, untapped potentials and depths that we might not even know exist until we discover how to access them, cultivate their powers, and eventually integrate them into our everyday lives.  This immersion will help you find what you need to bring more of who you are into the world and belong more deeply to yourself, your human community and this wild and wondrous Earth. 

We’ll explore the Natural Self through a variety of practices, including creative expression, self-designed ceremony, solo exercises while wandering on the land, group work, movement, voice dialogue, journaling, and deep imagery work. £240





Deeper Land Quest (Dates TBC)


5 day nature immersion with solo vigil


'Here in the heart of of the forest's stillness, 

   I at last can hear,

                                                            the gentle whispers, 

                                          of my wild and wondrous Soul'

In the heart of the deep forest or by the ocean, you will be stilled and moved by the forces of wild nature and find new insights, vision, depths and expansiveness that will offer you ways to heal, grow, change and manifest what you are truly called to live into.  There will be fresh paths revealed and experiences that will surprise, mystify and enchant you.

Held in the ancient, wilder forests  or on wilder beaches and sea scapes,  this is a nature-based rite for people seeking to find clarity and connection to their life, purpose and vision. The quest follows a process of preparation, solo deep land time and a gentle but powerful reincorporation. This is supported and guided by Rhonda and Michéal's extensive experience of working with people in nature applying the methods from their book The Natural Self. This includes aspects of ceremony, poetry, music, nature connection practices, movement, council and mirroring, meditation and creative expression. 

‘I loved the poems, the gentle sharing, the wise holding of Rhonda and Michéal’ Natural Self participant.