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Rhonda Brandrick and Michéal Connors offer us a soulful bundle of potent practices, images, poems, and life-enhancing big ideas cleverly disguised as a little book. This supports the essential journey of re-wilding ourselves and coming home to our belonging and conscious participation in the Earth community.”


Geneen Marie Haugen, Eco Philosopher & Wilderness Guide

"The Natural Self offers brilliant guidance for striding deeper into the mysteries of nature and psyche and for re-wilding yourself in service to the greater Earth Community."

Bill Plotkin.  Author Soulcraft and Wildmind

UK   £10

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At this time of global crisis and change it is more important than ever that we find a sense of being deeply rooted in our lives , a feeling of belonging to a community of people  and a sense of our place in it all.


In a modern world of movement, migration, constant change and globalisation how can we find these things.


An answer lies in remembering again who we really are, natural and whole. 


Remembering that we are more than just an isolated little person, part of a machine that grinds the daily routine and spits us out in a meaningless life. Rather a human being shaped by 4 billion years of co-evolution on Earth, gifted with huge abilities and talents, sensitive to ourselves and all people, connected and part of the animal and plant companions on this wild Earth and part of a deep star and galaxy filled mystery that has unfolded over 13.9 Billion years. 


Rhonda and Michéal have created this book to be a handbook and journal for this  journey of remembering.


Offering simple teachings, practices and techniques that will make your life sing again with the birds, help you feel free with the wind in your hair, hear the calling of your deepest self, belong again to this wild earth and rise up rooted like trees.


This sense of belonging alongside the cultivating of our natural inherent resources and abilities offers us a resilience, a resilience that is crucial for the evolution of our global crisis towards a more human and earth centered way of living.


This natural way that values people, community and planet as all part of our self.

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