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Rhonda Brandrick

Rhonda is an author, nature based practitioner, supervisor therapist, teacher and wilderness guide. She brings a wealth of experience and deep curiosity to our human -nature reciprocal relationship with this wild earth and our ongoing personal and collective development within this. She has been training as a guide with Animas Valley Institute & Bill Plotkin for the past 5 years. She brings a love, wild creativity and deep soulful wisdom to her work.  She is also actively working to  bring nature back to the heart of education, health and community to serve ourself, each other and the Earth. Rhonda is a singer, loves dancing, Samba drumming, dream tending and is a Mother and Grandmother.


Rhonda works with individuals in the process of major life transitions and/or psycho-spiritual upheaval in which the door is swung open to their own life-size questions related to identity, living a meaningful life, purpose, destiny, cosmology, etc. Such thresholds hold immeasurable potential for us as individuals and for the world that needs our conscious and soulful participation.

Some of the ways Rhonda creates a person and nature centred process would include:

Solo time on the land


         Deep imagery and collaging


       Deep conversations and listening        with the other than human world

                 Self designed ceremony


              Dream tending

Sensual connection and opening to all the ways we know and are known including

 deep emotion,