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© 2019 Dreamer Hand of Stars

My feet are planted in an avenue of trees 

My hair tousled by the breathing wings of birds



​Our work and focus is supporting you to  remember, recover and reimagine yourself.  To deepen your resources in order to turn to face the old stories of 'not good enough' and 'I'm not worthy' to re -member the inherent wisdom and beauty you were born to be in the world.  Maybe the world needs you to truly show up and to seek your deepest purpose and to tend to what ever it might be that is getting in the way of this. You may know that there is a need to tend to some healing or there may be a facet of your wholeness that is needing time to be cultivated and there may be the mysterious, terrifying and beautiful calling of a voice that has been knocking at the door for some time and you know is vital to turn to hear.  

This means that as mentors and practitioners we hold a holistic, ecopsychological understanding about what it means to be on this journey of re-membering & full recovery. We have many years of experience of accompanying people and bring a very rich, creative and varied approach to the work. 

It would seem that as a species a lot of people are feeling lost, deeply confused and longing to find their way home, back to themselves and in turn to the very relationship with earth that has birthed and sheltered them their entire lives.  This journey, not only for ourselves but for our planet, we feel, in not only needed it is vital at this point in human history.​