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© 2019 Dreamer Hand of Stars

We may have forgotten

to trust we will remember again, 

that even though we have lost our way, 

we can always be found. 


For those dark clouds and crashing sea are wildly calling.

And the city lights cannot hide the crescent moon.

Nor can they shield,

all the stars that shine their stillness,  

stirring dreams.


The trees,

beside the busy roads,  

so rooted, stretched and sure,

show a way.


And maybe inside, 

Maybe now is time, 

again for the stirring of something,


so deep,


so rich,


so wonderful.


Coming home,


Coming home.

 Natural Self

In modern life there can be so little natural time or space for reflection and tending to inner life and outer experience.

Most of us know or sense that this is something that needs attention.


One way to give this to ourself is to actively spend time being in nature, cultivating the inherent deep wellness, healing and inspirational relationship with our own self, our deep inner nature and the expanses of natural world around us.  

In our everyday life we may feel a deep loss of this connection and long for more,   wanting to find a way to come back home to relax, to belong, to be inspired again within ourself, with our community of people and with the wide world around us.   

Our Natural Self approach is a way of bringing this deeper connection into our life and it invites us to root again into the natural wisdom, trust-worthiness and vast resources inherent within our relationship to the natural world.    

Rhonda and Michéal have spent over 25 years working with people and have developed eco-psychological principles, creative processes,

and an abundant crafting of human health and development, offering individual mentoring, group experiential days and deeper immersions in wilder spaces. 

From this you might:

  • Develop a practice of  Nature Based Mindfulness and how this brings inspiration, clarity and deep rest.

  • Explore how a new story can inspire you in the development of your personal narrative .

  • Experience the vitality of 'coming back to your senses and feelings' and becoming fully embodied.

  • Learn ways to summon, recognise and consciously cultivate your innate human wholeness.

  • Experience, and learn, simple but powerful nature practices to bring into your life

  • Understand the principles of self-healing,  befriending and integrating your struggles to find the gifts hidden within these.

  • Find ways to recreate your life and re-wild, re-imagine and re-inspire yourself, your community and the world around you

  • Discover practices that access deep imagination, dreams, reflections & new vision.

  • Recall again  your deepest longing, sense of soulfulness and how to initiate this in your life.

  • Explore a deep spiritual connection to yourself, others and the world around you

All we offer is Nature-Based

1:1 sessions

Experiential days in nature

14th June

1st December

Deep immersions and quests in wilder places

4th-6th October





6 Week

Nature Based

Cancer Self Care Course


Our book

The Natural Self


Our Album

Wild Soul

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